Corporate Team Building Activities with NSCA

Autumn is the time when corporate team building activities help employees reboot and refocus on the upcoming New Year. And nothing inspires a fresh start like charitable giving. Just ask the National Systems Contractors Association.

NSCA is a not-for-profit organization whose members work in the low-voltage commercial electronics systems industry. Their headquarters is in Cedar Rapids Iowa, but the members are all over the country.  

These world-class professionals include sales reps, architects, product manufacturers, and systems contractors and integrators. They provide invaluable business resources to their members. They’re also a solid network with influence and power in the marketplace.

Goal-oriented corporate team building activities

NSCA invited us to Atlanta to kick off a major industry conference with one of our most popular corporate team building activities. Forgive the puns, but our Bike-a-Thon Charity Workshop was an ideal vehicle to get things rolling.

We met 30 AV integrators at the Atlanta Airport Marriott. By the way, AV integrators interface the audio and video in-and-outputs of various devices so they work together harmoniously. In other words, they make the audio-video magic happen!

They were in the same field but had never actually worked together. So they had a simple goal: break the ice, let down their guards, have some fun, and get to know each other. They were all passionate and intentional about their careers and about their commitment to philanthropy. So our Bike-a-Thon was right in their wheelhouse.

During the setup, we discovered that one of the bikes was damaged in shipping. Instead of standing on the sidelines, the NSCA team offered to replace it! That’s what Magnovo calls modeling leadership in a crisis! Impressive!

Mission-driven corporate team building activities

We structure our bike building workshops to teach colleagues how to communicate and collaborate. They reveal personality types and make it easier for people to accept each other. But they’re also designed to help communities. Whether we’re building bikes or wagons or wheelchairs, we are primarily building relationships in the cities we visit.

The NSCA attendees divided into groups and assembled 6 brand spanking new bikes. The Joseph B. Whitehead Memorial Boys & Girls Club would make sure they reached the loving arms of some deserving children in Atlanta.

The NSCA teams were amazed at the impact their gifts would have on these kids. And we were amazed that after a decade of running charitable workshops, the joy of giving just never gets old!