Why Corporate Bonding Events Matter at TJX-GTM

Corporate bonding events matter at TJX-Global Team Management because corporate social responsibility matters so much to them. The stronger their team bonds, the stronger their community ties.

A global branding success story

TJX is one of the world’s leading off-price apparel retailers. T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, Homesense, and Sierra Trading Post are familiar household brands here in the states. In the U.K., Ireland, Poland, Germany, Austria, Australia, and the Netherlands conscientious shoppers rely on T.K. Maxx for the best clothing deals.

Among Fortune 500 companies, TJK is ranked 85 with over $35 billion in revenues from 4,000 stores and more than a quarter million employees in 9 countries. Based in Marlborough Massachusetts their headquarters is located on Value Way.

That’s a very appropriate street address for a such a value-driven company. As their website attests, “We see ourselves as a global, off-price, value retailer and our mission is to deliver great value to our customers every day.” This usually translates to between 20 and 60 percent below full-price retailers’ regular prices on comparable merchandise.

The Global Talent Management, or GTM, team provides HR leaders support involving onboarding and transitioning. Thanks to GTM, their corporate leadership is on the cutting edge and it shows.  

Corporate bonding events can level the playing field

The most effective corporate bonding events involve all comers. The corporate pecking order dissolves when everyone focuses on charitable giving. We met 16 members of the GTM team at the Coach Grill in Wayland to facilitate one of our most popular charitable workshops.

Imagine spending a few short hours creating something that could transform a child’s life! That’s what our Rescue Buddies do! Birds, bears, mooses, fishies. These fuzzy, fluffy, fur-babies become a lifeline to children who’ve suffered a major family trauma.

Firefighters, police officers, social workers, and other first responders stash the toys in their vehicles. At the site of a fire, domestic violence case,  death, or another family calamity, they give the toys to frightened kids who need something to hold onto. Our Rescue Buddies literally provide emotional rescue for hundreds of little ones each year.

During corporate bonding events like this, workshop participants learn how to pull together as a team. They strive to communicate and collaborate more efficiently because they know how important their donations will be.

At the end of the day, it was our privilege to hand off 16 cuddly toys to the Wayland Fire Department. Chief David Houghton promised to make sure each one reached their forever-home safely.