Converse Corporate Teambuilding Workshop

Converse is one of our most loyal corporate teambuilding customers. They called us recently to work with 20 of their Millennial executives. So we joined them in their corporate office in Boston on Lovejoy Wharf for a very unique Bike-a-thon Charitable Teambuilding Workshop.

Charity and the Converse corporate culture

The conference room to which we were assigned overlooked Boston Harbor, site of the 1773 Boston Tea Party. This is also the site of a history-making business: Converse is a part of the Nike family, which has left its footprint in every sport on the planet as evidenced by it’s $29.6 billion brand value.

Apart from sneakers, Converse is also famous for their philanthropic track record.  

Corporate social responsibility through community outreach is high on the list of priorities within their corporate culture. It is important to the company that their workforce embraces the spirit of altruism as an important part of their role at Converse. Fortunately, our 20  Millennial participants represent a generation of community outreach champions.

Corporate teambuilding for a special client

What made this workshop special was an additional component our client wanted us to incorporate into our teambuilding strategies. The 20 young Converse execs had just completed Strengthsfinder training and their supervisors wanted to incorporate our Bike-a-thon Charitable Teambuilding Workshop into that personal assessment process.

The Strengthsfinder program helps people identify specific character traits and personality attributes. This is the foundation on which strong skills are built. Converse wanted us to conduct teambuilding exercises that would interface with their assessments and help them hone their communications skills.

They divided into competitive teams. The bike assembly gave them a chance to practice what they’d learned and utilize their newly sharpened collaborative, leadership, and communications skills.

During the debrief, our feedback was full of comments about how much they enjoyed the “friendly” competition. They felt it would be easy to incorporate the skills we taught them into their daily work routines. They also valued the debrief because it brought all the pieces of the day-long workshop into clear focus–each participant had a big picture “aha” moment.

Corporate teambuilding and 4 happy kids

The Converse crew assembled 4 bikes to give to members of the Boys and Girls Club of Boston—a community outreach program that Converse has worked with closely in the past. Sowing into the lives of needy youngsters always makes our workshops worth the sweat equity. The unexpected interaction with the children was a delightful surprise. It made the whole event extra special for all the participants.

One young exec said the most heartwarming part of the workshop was when the kids walked in the door. The surprise in their eyes when they realized that they were going home with their very own bicycles was wonderful. The Converse team got a kick out of customizing the bikes. They carefully adjusted the seat height of each bike to the new owner. Their kindness heightened the excitement and gratitude of the children.

And Converse’s charitable enthusiasm didn’t stop at the Boys and Girls Club. They offered our Magnovo facilitator a discount so that he could go to their retail store below the corporate offices, to buy his 2-year-old granddaughter a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers! Results: one trendy toddler, 20 newly inspired Millennials, and one very satisfied client.