Conflict Management Tools: Sharpening Skills that Make Your Office Run Smoothly

Conflict Management Tools: Sharpening Skills that Make Your Office Run Smoothly

One of the oldest and most effective conflict management tools was described in the Bible:

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”Conflict at work can be divisive and toxic or it can be productive and stimulating. It just depends on how managers handle it.

Conflict Management Tools: Sharpening Skills that Make Your Office Run Smoothly

Giving two opponents a common enemy is often a great way to bring them together. Conversely when personalities collide like the clash of the Titans, one way to diffuse the situation is to give them a common goal.

And when that goal involves the wellbeing of a neutral but needy and well-deserving outsider, it’s easier to distract them from their opposing opinions by inspiring them to join forces and showcase their strengths for a common cause.

One of our well organized, fun-filled charitable team building workshops is the perfect setting in which contentious co-workers can lower their guards and get to know each other in a whole new light.

Conflict Management Tools and Team Building

Rather than playing referee in a tug-of-war for power, let one of our Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Workshop tug at their heartstrings instead. You and your team will spend an afternoon prepping a cute, cuddly animal for the welcoming arms of a needy child.

First responders in your community will welcome your donation to a child who may have been traumatized by a house fire or other calamity. This means that your fuzzy buddy will help to rescue an anxious boy or girl from emotional turmoil and offer the therapeutic solace that only one of our rescue buddies can provide. And to top it off your stuffed animal will come with its very own backpack and “birth certificate.”

Participation in a team building workshop like this can inspire everyone to take off their gloves and leave the chips that are normally perched on their shoulders at home, in order to work together for a prize that is more valuable than the corporate bottom line. Communicating and collaborating without self-interest, self-seeking, or self-promotion. Self gets left on the shelf.

We can’t promise that your sparring colleagues will be warm and fuzzy like a couple of teddy bears at the end of the workshop; but we’re sure they won’t continue to growl at each other like a couple of grizzly bears.

Charitable events like our Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshops can be one of the conflict management tools you need to fan the flames of goodwill and cool a few hotheads at the same down.