Competition, Teamwork, and Fun With AFLAC in Seattle, WA

This was a Rescue Buddies Charity Workshop that we staged for 2 different AFLAC locations in Seattle, WA. We knew we had a great plan for the teams coming in, but nothing could prepare us for the fun and progress we witnessed as the day wore on. It’s just this kind of event that makes our work so truly rewarding.

Making the Most Of  Competitive Energy

At Magnovo, it’s our job to custom design a workshop that works with the individual personalities that operate within the group. That’s why we meet with clients before ever designing the workshop–so that we can put things together in a way that takes these personalities into account and offers them the best chance for personal and collective growth.

In other words, we’re not here to stage some cookie-cutter variety workshop for our clients. We exist solely to use what a client already has at their disposal and use it to develop the specific type of teamwork skills that they need to achieve their company’s shared goals.

This was one of the reasons the AFLAC Rescue Buddies Worksop was such a great success. We knew beforehand that we were dealing with a lot of strong personalities and used their competitive fire to their (and our!) advantage. By dividing them into teams that put distinctively strong personalities together, we encouraged them to adapt to one another for the greater good. And we’re proud to say that they responded magnificently!

Turning the AFLAC Frown Upside Down

It was something we’ve experienced many times before, but 2 different women from the AFLAC team came up to us before the event and said they were not excited about participating in this workshop! Fortunately, our facilitators aren’t easily put off or intimidated. Instead of pulling back like some people would in this situation, we simply stuck to the plan we had designed for the group and trusted our instincts.

Happily, the faith we had in our process paid off handsomely. There was a great energy from the warm-up games all the way through the parts earning assembly stages, with each and every team member making clear and rewarding progress. Our 2 skeptics must have thought so as well because they approached after the toys were assembled and admitted they had a wonderful time. We’re not going to lie–that felt pretty good.