Company Teambuilding with MGT Consulting

In the midst of a daunting schedule of marathon meetings and training, the MGT Consulting staff in Tampa needed a serious company teambuilding reboot. That’s when our Mission: Kids Care Workshop came to the rescue.

Mission: Kids Care is reciprocity at its best. Workshop participants are transformed from “coworkers” into friends, who get to know and understand each other a little better outside the corporate setting. And needy children in the company’s community receive school supplies their parents can’t afford to provide.

Of course, the idea of helping kids inspired all 40 members of the MGT Consulting team,  but their energy levels were low and in need of a boost. Our high energy activities broke the ice and gave them a reason to laugh and relax–an opportunity they eagerly embraced.

Company teambuilding fun

The Grand Hyatt Hotel facility was the ideal venue for this team. There was plenty of room to spread out or huddle and strategize as needed. They were a pretty competitive crew, too, so it wasn’t long before their adrenaline was flowing at full bore.

With each fun-filled challenge, team members learned to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.  And at every step along the way, they earned more goodies to donate. Pens, paper, spiral notebooks, calculators–all put into colorful backpacks for some grateful students.

For this charitable teambuilding workshop, MGT Consulting partnered with The Collaboratory Preparatory Academy, and it was a perfect match. That’s because both organizations are committed to collaboration, diversity,  leadership development, and adding value to their community. Plus years ago one of the MGT executives helped get the Academy up and running! So the whole day was particularly special.

It’s not surprising that one of the MGT participants stepped up and challenged his colleagues to up their game. He appealed to them to stuff those backpacks with a lot more than school supplies! And true to their competitive natures, they took this philanthropic opportunity very seriously and gave with all their hearts.  Results: each backpack was also filled with a gift of cash.

This was one of our most memorable and poignant workshops. We’ve enjoyed collaborating with MGT Consulting in the past. We look forward to our next company teambuilding adventure in the future.