Company Bonding Activities With Charles Schwab


The comments we get from our company bonding activities speak volumes about the quality of our work. Check out some of the feedback from our last workshop for Charles Schwab.

I was able to make new self-discoveries about how I interact in the team setting and take these away after the session.

The format and activities were perfectly paced and offered a range of ways to identify interesting things about our team dynamic and ourselves.

It was innovative and perfectly complemented our focus on teambuilding and strengths in a competitive, fun way. Everyone on our team loved that we were able to give to a great cause at the same time!

A different approach to company bonding activities

Today companies are looking for ways to break the ice among coworkers and help them get along better. Magnovo’s charitable teambuilding workshops don’t just break the ice. We create bridges for relationship building. And we help attendees look beyond their agendas toward people who need their help.  

Charles Schwab invited us to their  Indianapolis offices to conduct a leadership training session. The focus: exploring different communications styles and teaching their staff how to be better leaders. Our Mission: Kids Care Charitable Workshop was the perfect vehicle to fulfill these goals. Like all of our company bonding activities, this workshop was customized to match the personality types of the 20 attendees.

They worked in teams assembling 10 care packages full of back-to-school items. Pens, paper, rulers, glue, markers, folders, calculators, binders, highlighters, no. 2 pencils–the usual fare. But the process was anything but usual.

We conducted a series of high energy exercises in which they “won” items for their back-to-school donations. And along the way, each attendee learned a lot about themselves. They began to recognize their collaborative style, willingness to work with others, and level of professional maturity. It was an eye-opener for them all.

Company bonding activities with heart

Ten brightly colored backpacks full of school items went to one of the most remarkable charities with whom we’ve ever worked. The US Dream Academy operates in 7 cities around the country with one purpose in mind ….transforming children into dreamers who envision and realize their potential.

Their after-school and mentoring programs are innovative, technology-driven, and inspiring. The website says it best: Our dream – one we invite you to embrace – is to ensure that all children, no matter their start in life, can pursue their own special dreams.

The US Dream Academy representative inspired and enthralled us all. And our client’s feedback says it all:

It was great to have the charity join us to let everyone know about the cause we were supporting and impact of our efforts. The representative was well-spoken, passionate, and authentic, which really connected all of us to the cause. The Magnovo facilitator made the activities fun, and you can tell how passionate he is about the work he does, particularly the charitable team-building sessions.