Fifth Third Bank

Cincinnati’s Fifth Third Bank Helps Area Kids Through Team Building Project


With some charity team building events, participants might hang back and hesitate to get started. Not so with the folks at Fifth Third Bank! This group of 60 people met in Cincinnati, OH, for a charity team building program, and they were ready to hit the ground running as soon as we met them.

Fifth Third BankFifth Third Bank Starts Off Strong

This was a group that was comfortable interacting together. Cincinnati is where they work, and so we worked on-site at their office. Throughout the day, it was clear they were having fun, eager to pick up new skills, and do something good for someone else. That ‘someone else’ was another home-town group serving area families in need.

We opened with some easy games like Flip the Cup, Blind Ball Drop, and the ever-popular Cup Stack. Then we added the Rescue Buddies® element. Assembling stuffed animals sounds easy, but when we mix it up a bit to build collaborative skills and interpersonal relationships, it becomes something special. As we added challenges to the assembly, participants got hands-on practice with planning and carrying out a project, working independently vs a team, and problem solving.

Home-Town Company Helps Home-Town Families in Cincinnati, OH

The folks from Fifth Third Bank completed dozens of Rescue Buddies® in the allotted time. As the afternoon wound down, the teams that had already finished stepped in and offered to help the teams still working. This was a group who truly enjoyed working together. Even Alicia Stollenwerk, the representative from Valley Interfaith Community Resource Center, remarked on it. The Center helps families secure basic necessities while also assisting them with becoming self-sufficient. Some of these kids face a lot of instability in their lives, and the stuffed animals they receive through the Rescue Buddies® program offer some comfort.

Ms. Stollenwerk had planned on delivering some prepared remarks to the group. Instead, she spoke with teams individually. Team members showed a high level of engagement and asked a lot of questions about the services provided by the Center, and the families helped by it. Ms. Stollenwerk shared stories and even some photos!

Rescue Buddies® Reach Beyond Kids

Once the Rescue Buddies® had been completed and accepted by Ms. Stollenwerk, we had the chance to re-group and talk a bit about the Rescue Buddies® activities. People were very vocal about sharing what went well and how they might have done some things differently. A lot of folks gained insight into the importance of working together toward a shared goal, and how individuals can be valuable to the success of a team.

We felt confident that the Fifth Third Bank team and picked up a lot techniques and lessons that would serve them well back in the office, and based on the feedback we received, the participants felt that way, too.