Charity Team Building Qualities

When you are trying to organize and launch a team, you should focus on particular team building qualities to ensure that your team works together to propel the team forward.

Qualities that should be at the forefront of your team building strategy are the ability to plan, brainstorm, resolve issues, solve problems, and spur dedication.


Charity-Team-Building-QualitiesAs with anything, organization has a lot to do with the success of charity team building. Organization will enable your team to determine the projects that it wants to undertake and provide direction for meeting project goals. It is also key to understanding the makeup of your team, its structure and hierarchy, and the team’s purpose and functions. Clearly defining each team member’s role will also lead to success and make it easier for a team leader to match team member abilities to particular tasks. This will also help each team member understand his or her function within the group.


Communication is one of the key team building qualities, motivating each team member to put forth ideas and identify any issues. Your team members should be comfortable and able to converse in an environment that inspires free speech, promotes good listening, and invites response from team members. Good communication among team members fosters trust, respect, and honesty.


Observation is another one of the important team building qualities that you want your team to possess. Your team should have a clear vision of what is going on so that it can identify any issues that are preventing the team from prospering and meeting its goals. If the team can identify what is working and what isn’t working, as well as any mistakes made along the way.

Resolution of Conflicts

Whenever a group of people pool together for a cause, there are many opportunities for conflicts to arise. For a team to be successful, it must be able to resolve conflicts and settle disputes and disagreements. If you find that your team is struggling with issues, consider having a professional trainer meet with the team to teach them successful conflict resolution strategies.


One of the team building qualities that will bring your team success is brainstorming. Your team members should be able to think out of the box and be willing to push beyond any traditional beliefs or processes that might inhibit creative team building.

Perseverance and Appreciation

These two team building qualities will help build team member happiness and loyalty. A team must be able to overcome hardships when they present themselves and persist to get necessary work completed. This will aid your charity team in meeting its goals and getting projects done in a timely fashion. Appreciation is also important. Team members should consistently feel encouraged and appreciated. Both tangible and verbal rewards will motivate and inspire team members.

Charity Team Building Qualities and the Pursuit of Success

The goal of any team building activity is to succeed, to meet a goal, to find the means to an end. Focusing on all of these team building qualities will lead your team to that success and enable them to fulfill their goal!