Charity Team Building for a Cause – Why Giving Spells Success

Charity Team Building is Collaboration for a Cause

What Exactly IS Charity Team Building?

Charity team building incorporates important lessons in office relationships in activities that involve giving gifts or providing services to special needs groups. Participants learn the values of teamwork and cooperation and in the process create items that can be given as gifts to the community. Building bicycles, wagons, and stuffed animals to give to children provide a great opportunity for individuals to learn about each others’ unique personality traits and how these can be used together productively.

Why Charity Team Building Works

Charity Team Building for a Cause – Why Giving Spells Success
An effective team building meeting is one where the participants have something to take away to remind them of the values learned during the activity which they can use in daily challenges in the office. In traditional team building seminars takeaways are usually documents that employees can refer to and apply when the need calls for them.

However, in most cases, these takeaways have a very short shelf life. In a few months, employees go back to their usual routine and lose interest in the new practices.

With charity team building, the takeaways are so much more tangible and longer lasting. The lessons learned are translated into concrete objects that some other members of the community can enjoy. But, more than the objects, there is something more valuable about giving back to the community. The gifts form lasting relationships not only between the company and the beneficiary but between the employees who contributed their individual talents to building the toy.

Combining Team Building Exercises With Charitable Efforts

With the constant stresses and interruptions in an average workday, it becomes easy to revert back to using old team building strategies when the time rolls around for work retreats and outings. As they are repeated over time, the typical icebreakers and activities lose their effect. Workers tend to become less engaged in the team building efforts, as they know what to expect and find less value in the process.

Charity team building events offer a new and impactful way for employees to work together as a team. These events unite different personalities in achieving a common goal with a purpose.

Starting Point

Charity Team Building is Collaboration for a Cause

An important part of planning any work engagement is making employees feel included in the decision making process. When considering charity team building activities, make it a point to reach out to workers for feedback on which type of events or workshops may be of greatest interest to them.

For a team to work effectively, communication is key. This forum offers employees the opportunity to voice their suggestions and feel engaged in the team building efforts from start to finish.

An Unbeatable Combination

The hectic nature of workers’ schedules often prevents them from finding time to pursue volunteer opportunities. By offering these types of events, companies not only facilitate team building but they give workers the time to volunteer within their work schedule. Charity events are effective at bringing out the best in people and providing a new perspective on what can be accomplished as a team.

The Value of Discussion

Following the event, it is important to facilitate a discussion that continues the high morale from the day and has employees apply their experience to the goals of the company. Through these activities, employees can learn the significance of teamwork in achieving a goal, an idea that can be translated back into the office setting.

In addition to emphasizing the company’s commitment to service, these events can help workers recognize the value in each other’s strengths and learn how to collaborate effectively.

Break The Cycle With A Charity Team Building Event

If your idea of a team building outing for work is doing a “trust fall” with your teammates, it’s not surprising when you suddenly fall ill when the next “team building” event comes along. Activities like the trust fall can be great fun the first time, but they lose their impact once they’ve been experienced.

We know that your team building activities don’t have to be the same old cliché year after year. A team building event can be both fun and worthwhile, especially when you participate in a charity team building event filled with enjoyable and meaningful activities.

The heart that gives, gathers. ~Hanna More

Charity Team Building: The Ultimate Payoff

Whether your charity team building goal is building bikes or wagons, or raising funds for a worthy cause, you have a pretty good idea what the finished product or project should look like, right? But what should your team look like when it’s all over?

Charity Team Building The Ultimate Payoff

In your mind’s eye, you can probably picture some well-deserving underprivileged kid going ballistic over his speedy new bicycle or her shiny new wagon. You can picture the smiles, the tears, the hugs, the heart-warming speeches, and the delicious glow that pours over you like sunshine at the end of a long but rewarding day of giving back to your community. It’s a no-brainer, really. You give a little of your time, energy and talents, and you and your company receive a lot of goodwill, press coverage and social leverage.

But what about your team? What do you want it to look like at the end of that rewarding day? On the following Monday, will it be business as usual with everyone resuming their old roles and their old relationships just as before? Or will the pecking order at the water cooler be slightly less rigid? Perhaps the morning coffee break will be a bit more relaxed. Imagine the next staff meeting being more vibrant, engaging and personable!

Wouldn’t that be amazing? Amazing, but not impossible.

In fact, the whole point of these projects is not just to build a toy, but to build relationships. That’s what charity team building should be about. Envisioning a more cohesive, relationship-based workplace is a healthy starting point when planning such an activity. Never mind the naysayers who scoff at such a sappy, sentimental notion. Don’t let them set the agenda!

Let your vision of what your staff can become drive your plans for a charitable project. Plan to draw the best out of each team member and give them the room to showcase their strengths. Be proactive by being pro-team oriented in your thinking and planning. Expect the very best from your team — then step back and watch it manifest.

Incorporate Charity Team Building Into Your Next Event

If your employees roll their eyes at the mention of yet another team building event, break that cycle with a charity twist! We have various team building options aimed at teaching critical team skills while benefiting your local community, contact us today to let us show you how we can help make your event a smashing success!