The New Kid on the Block:  Charity Giving Stations

We like to think we know a lot about creating team building workshops, but sometimes the best ideas come from our clients!  While we’re always focused on how to strengthen teams, every so often a team comes to us with a different purpose in mind: giving.

These teams aren’t looking for help with their communication skills or solutions for teamwork challenges they’re facing.  They come to us already unified by the common desire to create something and donate it to a charitable organization they’ve chosen to partner with.

When Our Clients Speak Up, We Pay Attention!

charity-giving-stations-logoOur exciting new workshop emerged after we heard from not one but several clients who wanted something different.  What we were hearing over and over was that there’s a need for an event that focuses on giving back, rather than teamwork lessons…one which allows participants to use their hands to build items which they can donate to the surrounding community via charitable organizations.

What we heard was that teams like to get involved and personally be a part of their company’s corporate giving.  What came out of this need was our brand new workshop called “Charity Giving Stations”.

How the Charity Giving Stations Workshop is Different

Charity-Giving-Stations-Wagons-Being-BuiltWalk into a room where a Charity Giving Stations event is happening and you immediately feel the heightened energy.  That’s because everyone is actively engaged in building things, navigating between stations, and even meeting new people.  In fact, we’ve tagged this new workshop as a “networking event”.

Since the focus is on getting things done (the more the better since it’s all going to charity!), those energy levels are self-propelling.  Our facilitators roam the room answering questions and making sure every group finishes on time.  They also do all the set-up so you simply send in your participants and we do the rest.

Each workshop is different since you can choose any of the following types of donation activities:

Some teams combine stations and go for a combo event: Bicycles with Wagons is a popular combination.

The Charity Giving Station Workshop is Perfect For…

  • Groups with a limited time frame (even just one hour is enough for this workshop)
  • Groups who want to do some fun networking (especially large groups)
  • Groups who want to build and donate a LOT of items!
  • Groups who don’t want team building lessons (just charitable donations)
  • Groups of very large size (we’ve done this workshop for groups of 450 people)
  • Groups at conference who want a “light” event between conference activities

Give All Our Charity Workshops a Try

Charity Giving Stations is just one of our charity work shops. If you’d like to know more about how we can help your group further your company’s mission of Corporate Social Responsibility, give us a call or fill out the quote form on our site.  We’re excited about this new workshop and can’t wait to share it with you!