Charity Events Build Trust at W. E. O’Neil Construction

What do you get at Wagon Builders Charity Workshop full of seasoned experts from W. E. O’Neil Construction? A lot of expertise and a lot of fun! That’s exactly what charity events are for!

We went to Chicago to host a Wagon Builders Workshop for this commercial construction industry leader and you can believe that what would have taken most of us hours to accomplish, they breezed through in a matter of minutes!

E. O’Neil Construction: built to last

In 1925 a young man named W.E. O’Neil started his own small construction company in Chicago. Through the Great Depression and the Great Recession,  W. E. O’Neil Construction grew consistently. The company is now a state-of-the-art innovator with offices across the country. The fame and acclaim they’ve received over the years are well deserved. But according to Mr. O’Neil, “… one thing has remained constant throughout a century of change: the relationship between the client and contractor that is still based on… traditional family values….”  

Charity events for team bonding

Our facilitator, CEO Rob Jackson met 65 of O’Neil’s top managers and a few new hires at the company headquarters. While it didn’t take them long to assemble the wagons, they were eager to dive into our teambuilding session.

All of our charity events involve professional development, personality type discovery, and leadership skills training.  These seasoned veterans had just hired some new employees. With new, younger talent on the team, the executives wanted the newbies to learn to work together and learn to communicate more effectively.

Charity events that leave you speechless

 Jackson noticed this guy in his 80s right alongside the others assembling wagons. After the whole thing was over, he introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Bill O’Neill.”

Rob:  “As in William E. O’Neil?”

Mr. O’Neil: “Yeah, I’m the Founder and Chairman of the Board and I just want you to know I’ve never done anything more fun with my company ever! I’ve done a few events like this before but none were this significant.

“It wasn’t just the fun of the wagon building—which was entertaining. And we learned a lot about each other while working together in teams. It was knowing about the charity and how important this is for them.

“It was worth my coming out today to see the tears in the eyes of my staff and to know that we’d done something amazing.” Jackson was gobsmacked and couldn’t thank him enough for such amazing validation.

Charity events that inspire

The Chicago Youth Programs [CYP] charity received the 10 shiny new wagons. A group of Northwestern University med students started CYP in 1984. Their goal: to improve the health and quality of life among low-income youth in the community.

They run 40 programs for at-risk kids. Their 96 percent retention rate and 92 percent high school graduation rate are astonishing track records of success.

The charity representative gave an emotional speech driving home just how meaningful these gifts were. And he also had a glowing testimony about our company which is humbling and inspiring.

Magnovo has worked with us several times in the past. They’re an incredible organization that cares about the gift and the charity, not just giving the gift. Magnovo actually vetted us to make sure we were the best fit. We passed muster and now we work together often because they believe in our cause.”