Charitable Teambuilding with Fidelity Investments

Charitable teambuilding events are great icebreakers for company newbies. Just ask Fidelity Investments for whom we hosted a Bike-a-thon Charitable teambuilding Workshop in Covington, Kentucky.

The veterans on the team wanted the 2 new hires to feel welcomed and get to know them better. So 14 staffers spent the afternoon building bikes for needy kids in the community.

Charitable teambuilding business model

With 27 million customers and $6.8 trillion in customer assets, Fidelity Investments is a leader in the international financial services industry. Their product and service lines include mutual funds, stocks, bonds, online trading, annuities, life insurance, money management, and financial planning.

The company is also a philanthropic powerhouse. Their goals for inclusion and diversity inspired them to host events to introduce the industry to young women. And they launched a program that teaches teachers about financial literacy, so they can share what they learn with their students.

Fidelity regularly partners with non-profit organizations to donate computers to schools in low-income areas. And they’ve dispatched teams of technologists to help solve technology problems for non-profit groups as well. Example: for some organizations, the Fidelity techs increased their website speed. Others got help beefing up app security.

Bike assembling on a beautiful day

Both the weather and the setting for the big event were fantastic. The management at the newly-renovated Hotel Covington offered us access to the Duveneck Room. It was a cozy spot for our small group, and the hotel service was stellar.

The participants broke into 4 teams and competed against each other to win the bike parts for their assembly. The smallest group–a team of 3–turned out to be the toughest competitor. Each competition forced team members to sharpen their problem-solving and communications skills. We geared the workshop to let everyone’s ingenuity and quickness shine, even as they blended into one team. In the end, the 4 newly minted bikes rolled out in style, ready for their new owners.

The charity we worked with was Brighton Center, Inc. It started in 1966 and became a safety net for people in the Covington and Newport Kentucky region. Their staff offers over 40 programs including job training, substance abuse recovery, financial literacy, and youth services.

The Fidelity team was surprised and grateful to meet two single moms whose 5-year-old youngsters received 2 of the bikes. For our client, the charity, and the kids, our charitable teambuilding workshop made their day.