Charitable Teambuilding with The Streamline Event Agency

The Streamline Event Agency invited us to host the largest workshop we’ve ever done: a WheelCharity Charitable Teambuilding Workshop for 450 people!

Charitable teambuilding on an epic scale

We met at the JW Marriott Nashville in the heart of Tennessee’s Music City. The group was huge. So we had to recruit a few additional troops of our own to make sure everything went well. We’re happy to report that we exceeded our client’s expectations as well as our own!

The Streamline Event Agency is a turnkey event management operation for companies and artists. Theme development. Room and space design.Transportation. Sponsorship management. Venue selection. Ticketing. Tour marketing.

They streamline the event process so their clients can concentrate on their customers. The Streamline Event Agency mantra: We create events that tell your story in a memorable way. 

Our charitable teambuilding experience with them was memorable, too.

We split their 450 crew into smaller groups to assemble 75 wheelchairs. It was a monumental undertaking especially since we customized their leadership, communications, and collaboration training. We incorporated these concepts and skills into each phase of the workshop.

We choreographed a series of high-energy exercises during which each team had to “earn” the components and tools needed to construct the wheelchairs. Teamwork in action. Teambuilding in the making.

Life changing charitable teambuilding

Our WheelCharity workshops teach employees how to work collaboratively toward a common goal. They also leave a legacy of kindness in every community we touch.

Wheelchairs can be vehicles of empowerment, especially for disabled veterans.

We hail these patriots as heroes. We honor them for winning battles on our behalf. Sadly, when they become disabled many of them don’t feel like heroes or winners. They’re left feeling helpless and hopeless because their disability limits mobility.

First, there’s the trauma of military life during times of war. Then, the trauma of adjusting to civilian life. Added to this is the physical and psychological devastation of disability.


  • Unemployment and homelessness. It is estimated that a third of the homeless in our country are war veterans.
  • Many of them become addicted to the medications they need to deal with pain every day.
  • Thousands suffer suicidal depression. It has been estimated that 22 veterans commit suicide every day.

Some of these heartbreaking circumstances can be minimized by something as simple as a wheelchair. We donated ours to  The Tennessee Valley Medical Center Nashville Campus, apart of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Each wheelchair was desperately needed and deeply appreciated.

The 450 staffers from the Streamline Event Agency knew they were helping to rebuild lives as they built those 75 wheelchairs.