Charitable Team Building with Shawmut


Magnovo’s recent Puttin Pantry charitable team building workshop with the Shawmut Corporation was one of the most gratifying experiences we’ve had to date. Our client had some rather ambitious goals and our team customized every aspect of the workshop so that each one was met and even exceeded.

Charitable team building with an industry leader

The word Shawmut comes from the Algonquian word Mashauwomuk which refers to the area we now know as Boston. Today the company is a global brand with locations in Mexico, China, Germany, Japan, and the Czech Republic.

Shawmut is the largest laminator in the country. Their team offers business solutions to a variety of industries including defense, medical, and automotive. They also laminate waterproof/breathable booties and other protective clothing for extreme weather conditions.

Charitable team building goals

Shawmut summoned  20 of members of their executive team to the Hilton Garden Inn in Plymouth Michigan. The group included both new recruits and 10-year veterans. Each had a variety of educational, life, and work experiences and brought something unique to the team.

Shawmut management had some very specific goals for the workshop:

  1. Improve interpersonal relationship skills to ensure that everyone is welcomed [in order to avoid creating “office cliques.”]
  2. Develop insights into how to better understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a methodology to leverage those for the best outcome for the team.
  3. Bolster collaborative skills so that team contributions are greater than individual contributions.
  4. Become more intentional about acknowledging and validating each employee’s role and contribution to the team.
  5. Create a climate and corporate culture in which face-to-face communication [vs. emails] is safe, constructive, and productive.

Charitable team building success

Our 4-hour workshop was rigorous and productive. The training in personality type discovery, leadership styles, and conflict resolution resulted in a win for this client.  Our workshop facilitators ticked every box and met every goal.

The Puttin Pantry phase of the workshop gave everyone a chance to practice some of their newly honed skills.

The 20 executives divided into teams and created 6 miniature golf holes using canned foods, dry goods, and some pretty wacky decorations. The teams played a round of miniature golf and the crew with the lowest score won! It was riotous fun even as they practiced their leadership skills.

But the donation of all that food blew everyone away! We literally bought a ton of canned fruit, veggies, boxed food items, bottled juices, and water. And our purchases from a local merchant were a bountiful blessing for the charity we worked with.

 The Wayne County Family Center helps desperate families in need of food. They were absolutely overwhelmed by the volume of food items. The charity representative explained that our huge donation came at the moment of their biggest need because, in the fall, hundreds of families are in dire straits.

Doing the right thing for the right reason at the right time. That’s charitable team building at its best.