Charitable Teambuilding in the Arizona Desert

In the heat of the Arizona desert, we conducted one of our coolest Bike-a-thon Charitable teambuilding Workshops ever. Our client: LeadMD based in Scottsdale. They’ve got the right prescription to generate leads for businesses that want to maximize their marketing dollars.

We arrived on a Friday and found these laid-back, lead-generating rock stars in full Millennial mode. Translation: the atmosphere was both relaxed and competitive.

Friday at LeadMD is “movie day.” Big screen TV monitors streamed hit flicks all day long. Magnovo workshops are always fun, but this turned into a party with food, libations, and non-stop good times.

Where other companies dread dealing with Millennials, Magnovo actually enjoys working with this generation. They generate lots of energy, are always innovative, and love a good challenge.

New beginnings, new challenges

They’d just moved into a new building a week before our arrival, and some areas were still under construction. New digs for a new company. This was their first charitable teambuilding workshop and they were stoked. Already close-knit, the CEO wanted the newbies on staff to see their colleagues on a more informal, personal level.

Of equal importance, their main interest in working with Magnovo was to build their philanthropic muscles. Our reputation had preceded us, so they were excited about our training and about giving back to their community.  

The 30 participants divided into small groups. They upped their competitive game as they strategized to “earn” the various components needed to assemble the bikes. And they improved their communications and problem-solving skills during each step.

Charitable teambuilding at its best

The recipient was Family Promise of Greater Phoenix headed by Lisa Randall. Magnovo has had the pleasure of working with this charity dozens of times. We count it a privilege to partner with them because of their mission. Equally impressed were the LeadMd employees. They were riveted to and inspired by Randall’s presentation.

Family Promise provides a hand up instead of a hand out to homeless families, and their success rate is phenomenal! They “adopt” a family for two months, taking care of their basic needs for food and clothing. Through their partnership with local shelters, they also provide a place to stay at night.

During the day, they offer job training and vocational resources. The ultimate goal: to help families secure new jobs and new homes. Those are the ingredients for a fresh start. Their work makes charitable teambuilding workshops like ours worthwhile.

Top marks all round

During the post-workshop survey, LeadMD CEO Justin Gray posted 4’s on everything–which means on a 0-to-4 rating system, we got top marks on every aspect of the event. Gray said, “Having a charity leader come in and reinforce the meaning of the exercise on several levels was impactful. The bike assembling was awesome and well facilitated.”

A participant commented, “I enjoyed that there was not a prize at the end,  as I had expected, because it reminded me that there was an intrinsic reward to be had for the charitable work we did.”

Our facilitator was a Magnovo veteran who has conducted hundreds of Magnovo workshops over the years. He claimed that this was absolutely one of the most enjoyable workshop experiences he’d ever had with some of the nicest people he’d ever met.