Charitable Corporate Events with Sumitomo Corporation of Americas

The best corporate events flow with a client’s schedule.  Our last workshop with Sumitomo Corporation of Americas really put the “flex” in the word flexible.

Corporate events for a 400-year-old company

In the 17th century, Masatomo Sumitomo opened a shop in Kyoto selling books and medicines. This Japanese thought-leader wrote a kind of manifesto about how to run a business honorably.

Little did he know that he was starting a 400-year long track record of business integrity! This manifesto became the cornerstone of the Sumitomo Business Philosophy which is still followed today.

From these humble beginnings, the company grew and diversified exponentially. Sumitomo is now a key corporate group player in copper mining, real estate, finance, insurance, metal products, and transportation and construction systems.

Their global reach extends into 66 countries at 131 locations and this Fortune Global 500 company has a net income of $2.9 billion.  Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, or SCOA, is the biggest subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation.  They employ 40,000 workers throughout the US and report $900 million in exports. Commuter railcars, renewable energy, and automotive technology are among their specialties.

Corporate events with intentionality

A cornerstone of Sumitomo Corporation of Americas is  Benefit for self and others, private and public interests are one and the same. This conviction underpins all of their team building corporate events. So this workshop was all about corporate social responsibility. Sumitomo’s intention is to always be a benefit to their community.

Our Charity Givings Station is a smorgasbord of our most popular workshops. Bikes or wheelchairs or wagons or military care packages—our clients can pick one or all. The client chooses and Magnovo delivers.

It’s also a bit like a relay—a workshop participant on a tight schedule can zip in and pitch in for as long as they like and hand off the next phase of the project to a teammate.

We met 15 Sumitomo staffers at their offices in Rosemont Illinois. And we set up the giving stations for them to assemble 4 bikes for a local charity. Whether they stayed for an hour or just a few minutes, everyone was enthusiastic about the whole process. And everyone got a chance to use their collaboration and communication skills which are so important in team building.

Corporate events that help the community

The Sumitomo employees got to know each other better and work as a team. But knowing that needy kids in the community would get their bikes is what really got them all psyched.

SOS Children’s Villages Illinois made sure the bikes got happily-ever-after homes. Magnovo has worked with them many times in the past and we were thrilled to connect again.

The easiest way to describe SOS Children’s Villages Illinois is this: they made a list of everything that was wrong with the American foster care system and proceeded to do the exact opposite! They’re undoubtedly one of the most exemplary foster care facilities in the country.

And it was a privilege for Sumitomo and Magnovo to share the donations with such a phenomenal charity.