Carroll Management Cares for Kids and Families

When it comes to caring for families, that can take on many forms. From serving families as part of their core business offering, to helping families with our Wagon Builders™ charity workshop, Carroll Management seems to do it all!

We met up this August at the Double Tree Hotel Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia. The weather was, of course, amazingly hot and humid but that didn’t stop our group from Carroll Management from rolling up their sleeves and getting down to brass tacks with wagons and teamwork!

Wagons for Kids and Families

We bill Wagon Builders™ as a charity workshop, meaning groups who participate in this event are working together to build donations for a local charitable organization.

But we’d be lying if we told you there wasn’t any team building going on, as well! Like all our charity workshops, except “Giving Stations”, there’s a strong element of team building worked into every activity.

So, before the Carroll Management group got their hands on wagon parts and the goodies that would fill the wagons for kids and families, they got to prove their mettle with some teamwork activities.

We did a few rounds of ice breakers, then a wonderful, collaborative exercise called “30-Second Commercials”. That’s groups collaborate to produce TV commercials, then compete to see who came up with the best ideas and delivery.

Then it’s on to the assembling of the wagons- the part that draws everyone together for a com

And who were these families? They’re all from out of town. Strangers to Atlanta, they find themselves in a strange ci

mon purpose. Once the wagons were built, participants filled them with helpful goodies for the kids and their families.

Kids and Families Benefit from the Workshop

ty facing medical procedures or appointments for their kids. The wagons serve to support them while they’re staying at the Ronald McDonald HouseRonald McDonald House, a national charitable organization that temporarily houses these families.

Wagons, Carroll Management, & The Ronald McDonald House

Finally, for what’s reported to be the most memorable part of any charity workshop, it was the charity presentation. The Ronald McDonald House of Atlanta accepted the wagons on behalf of kids and families, and it capped off the event on a heartwarming note that made it all come together for everyone.

It’s giving back that had brought us all together in one place, and it was the giving back that we’ll all remember years from now. Thanks for another great memory, Carroll Management!