TJ Maxx

Building Stronger Teams By Building Rescue Buddies for Kids

TJ Maxx Northeast Region, a well-known clothing, and housewares retail company, held a small on-site meeting for a special projects team. Because we worked with the company before, our own team was well acquainted with their corporate culture and values.

TJ MaxxMore Than Team Building

The company invited us to carry out a Rescue Buddies™ charity team building program with members of the team. The objective of our Rescue Buddies™ program is to facilitate employee learning and growth. The goal is mastering techniques to overcome obstacles that come up when working as a team.

At the conclusion of the program, participants have hands-on practice with managing roles and responsibilities and conflict resolution, skills that are transferable to the workplace. It’s really a way to make a learning experience fun and meaningful.

A Small Group Makes Big Changes in Marlborough, MA

The group we met with at TJ Maxx Northeast Region was smaller in number than those we usually work with; that said, this group came together and really put significant effort into turning out as many Rescue Buddies™ as they could.

Our program built on the morning meetings the group had held. We assisted team members in fostering the interpersonal skills necessary for rising to the challenges they faced as part of their workplace goals and objectives. Working on-site at the TJ Maxx Northeast Region offices worked out just fine. Participants were very comfortable in this familiar setting, and there were minimal distractions.

The team challenges and activities that come into play with a Rescue Buddies™ program offer an opportunity to collaborate through sharing project roles and responsibilities. Activities are specially intended for learning and growing. They provide a unique and safe way to take risks and build new relationships.

Building Rescue Buddies™ for Children

The TJ Maxx team donated these stuffed animals to the local police department for kids in need. Most importantly, this motivated folks’ personal commitment to doing a good job. A lot of these participants had kids themselves.

When Borden Wicks of the Marlborough Police Department arrived with stories of how these Rescue Buddies™ would be offered to kids in crisis, some of the team got a little emotional. In total, the TJ Maxx Northeast Region team completed more than a dozen stuffed animals for children. The TJ Maxx team was gratified to put their efforts toward helping local children. They made a real difference in their hometown community.

The Rescue Buddies™ program capped a day of strategic planning and team building. Participants got hands-on practice with project management, conflict resolution, and improved interpersonal communication skills.