Bringing Healing to Your Community is One of the Benefits of Team Building

It could be argued that the old adage purporting that it’s better to give than to receive is only partially correct. The truth is that you receive a major payoff every time you give unselfishly. This holds true in the business world, too: one of the most tremendous benefits of team building is that you get back even more than you give.

And there’s no better way for you and your colleagues to experience this truth than to participate in a charitable workshop that targets victims of domestic violence.  October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so here are a few painful facts of which you should be aware:

  1. By the time you finish reading this article several dozen people–men and women, and children–will suffer the trauma of domestic violence.
  2. At the rate of 20 people every minute, that adds up to millions of assaults–beatings, rapes, stalkings, stabbings, shootings, scaldings, and even homicides.
  3. All are acts of mindless brutality and cruelty; and in many cases they’re perpetrated by assailants who may also be family members.
  4. On any given day, domestic violence hotlines field 20,000 calls nationwide.
  5. That’s 20,000 cries for help–20,000 lives on the brink of devastation.
  6. The majority of these victims are women and worse yet, millions of them are children.

Bringing Healing to Your Community is One of the Benefits of Team BuildingYou and your colleagues can help the professionals in your community answer these cries for help. Social workers, police officers, emergency medical technicians [EMTs], and other first responders who serve on the front lines in the war against domestic violence are grateful for the help and compassion of other caring neighbors. And our charitable workshops are customized to help meet your professional team building goals and fulfill the needs of some of your neighbors who are desperate for your kindness and support.

All too often batter victims must run for their lives with little more than the clothes they’re wearing. They often have to escape to and start over in a strange town full of strange faces without so much as a toothbrush. Through our workshops like Rescue Buddies, Bike-a-Thon and Puttin’ Pantry, you can provide toiletries, clothing, and even food.  A cuddly stuffed animal, a backpack full of school supplies, or a shiny new bike can restore a sense of normalcy to a frightened child who’s left all of his friends behind.

No one deserves to feel like a refugee in their own country. You can help restore the self-esteem, dignity, and sense of belonging to traumatized victims whose families have been fragmented by violence. You’ll see from first-hand experience that the benefits of team building extend far beyond the boardroom when you open your heart to your community.