Boston Scientific Builds Wheelchairs For Charity in Minneapolis

65 dedicated Boston Scientific employees build wheelchairs for a good cause in Minneapolis.

Boston-ScientificThe goal of the workshop was simple – celebrate a good year and give back to a worthy cause. After the group spent several hours in morning meetings, the leadership wanted to have this event as the closing activity and make it the highlight of the whole meeting. Our WheelCharity workshop was the perfect fit.

Mission accomplished.

Boston-Scientific-WheelCharity-RaceThe entire Boston Scientific team had a great time with each challenging activity with lots of laughter, encouragement, and praise. The activities were not easy to accomplish, but each team did an amazing job of communicating effectively and overcoming each obstacle presented to them.  Each team showed their collective creative side and resourcefulness in obtaining the parts they needed to assemble the wheelchairs.

After each of the chairs went through a safety check, they were deemed ready to face the very challenging obstacle course. One member from each team was blindfolded and then had to push another member through an obstacle course using only the verbal help from the other team members on the sidelines.  Talk about relying on teamwork!Don-Bania-Jr-Speaks-To-Boston-Scientific

The highlight was when the guest speaker, Don Bania Jr., a quadriplegic who works with the Wheels for the World program, spoke to the group about the amazing gifts they had with being able to move around without the use of a wheelchair.

His presentation about how to greet and communicate with someone who has a disability had the group’s complete attention as he spoke to them about hitting the lottery of life. It was amazing and encouraging, as well as the perfect way to wrap up this great Minneapolis team building event!