blue star families

Blue Star Families’ One of A Kind Bike-A-Thon with CarMax and the Giants in San Francisco, CA

Every once in a while, an event comes along that’s just the most memorable you’ve ever seen. And this one arranged by the Blue Star Families might be it for this year. Blue Star Families is a non-profit group supporting military families. They partnered with CarMax and a few special guest stars, and there were surprises all around!

A Big Bike-A-Thon™ in San Francisco, CA

The event took place at AT&T Park, where the San Francisco Giants play. We made arrangements to work in a part of the stadium that overlooks the field. It was a sunny summer day, and the group’s mood matched the great weather.

Our team building event started with 40 Carmax employees from locations around the central California region. Before long, we were joined by employees of the Giants organization, too! These teams were eager to complete each task given to them; after all, the bicycles they were building were going to kids in military families. The friendly competition got pretty intense! Each of 10 teams was earning what was necessary for them to build 2 bicycles each. And they were exhibiting real teamwork, too! We played lots of fun games for them to earn parts, like Dice Bank, Flip the Cup, and Wordles.

Just before teams began the build, Lou Seal, the Giants’ mascot, joined the fun! Lou Seal encouraged teams and had a little fun with each. A few minutes later, pitcher George Kontos joined in! Participants were really excited to interact so closely with the Giants’ mascot and Mr. Kontos. Before long, all 20 bicycles were complete and ready for delivery.

The Big Bike-a-Thon™ Reveal

Everyone present that day took several pictures with Mr. Kontos as we set up the bikes for group pictures. Little did anyone know that we had one more surprise in store for the group. And what was a great surprise it was!

Twenty families had been on a special tour of the stadium, and we timed their coming around the corner to make a great announcement. They were here as guests of the Blue Star Families! And the bicycles were theirs! The kids were shocked and thrilled – the participants were just as thrilled! The looks of shock and excitement were priceless. The smiles and tears from the Carmax and Giants people showed just how clearly the moment was awesome for them, too.

There was a lot of time afterward filled with thanks from the kids and their families. Employees provided encouragement as kids tested out their new bikes. And a generous pizza lunch was enjoyed by all.