Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate social responsibility at Blue Cross Blue Shield is a mirror reflection of our own here at Magnovo. Perhaps that’s why they keep coming back year after year: we’re kindred spirits.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association or BCBSA is a national association of 36 independent companies that are community-based and locally operated.

Although there are 36 companies they share common goals. Each one works to overcome barriers to good health care.

They are also forerunners in medical research regarding cancer, diabetes, and heart health. They offer patients educational resources and support to promote the prevention and management of diseases like obesity and diabetes. BCBSA also operates outreach programs in low-income communities.

Corporate social responsibility means giving

We were invited to conduct one of our most popular charitable events. Our Bike-a-thon Charitable Teambuilding Workshop is designed to reinforce many of the skills we teach: leadership, communications, and collaboration.

We met 80 enthusiastic Millennial interns from Asia, South America, Europe, and the U.S. And we worked in a gigantic L-shaped room at BCBSA headquarters overlooking Lakeshore East in Chicago. Corporate social responsibility is a core value shared by most Millennials in the workplace. So this workshop really resonated with each participant.

The 80 interns divided into teams and constructed 10 bikes by collaborating well and communicating clearly. It was a fast-paced, fun-filled afternoon and our feedback was fantastic!

When teambuilding is fun

One young lady from Asia admitted that before that day she’d never had fun at any team building event because she was too shy. She bowled our facilitator over with a beaming smile and a laughing declaration that, “This was a LOT of fun!!”

We were also honored and delighted to learn that our reputation is so strong that other interns have bragged about us. For example, one of our participants this time around was a young lady who’d already finished her internship a year ago.

She’d missed the chance to work with us at 2 previous BCBSA workshops. So she asked for permission to attend and participate in this bike build. Why? Because the feedback from her peers had been so great. She reported cheerfully: “I am so glad I did it! It was even better than people had said!”

Charity with special meaning

Corporate social responsibility is a foundational part of the culture at Magnovo. So is charitable giving especially when it involves a charity as dear to Magnovo as the one we worked with during this workshop.  

Children’s Villages of Illinois is a foster care facility that’s nationally recognized for its outstanding service. Based in the Chicago area, they keep siblings together by placing them in the same foster care home. And each home is headed by full time professional foster parents. The children in their charge thrive because they know that they are safe. And they excel because they are fully supported and nurtured.

After the charity representative shared the story of what they do, our CEO Rob Jackson had a story of his own to share. He explained why the Children’s Villages of Illinois holds a special place in his heart. As an infant, he was abandoned and placed into foster care in Illinois! So this facility has become like family to him.

Everyone in the room was moved to tears. But more importantly, they were moved to continue giving charitably. The spirit of corporate social responsibility is contagious.