Blue Cross Blue Shield Interns Get off To a Great Start In Chicago, IL

This was a Bike-a-Thon Charity Workshop we did with a group of 45 Blue Cross Blue Shield interns in Chicago, IL. Many of these interns had never met one another before, so it was important to design their activities in a way that brought them along slowly. But truth be told, it’s easy to cater to a group as engaged and diverse as these interns were, especially when the result turns out to be positive growth for everyone involved and a pile of awesome new bikes for Chicago children to use.

The Second Time Around Was Even More Productive

This was the second year in a row we’d done a Charity Workshop to help the Blue Cross Blue Shield interns get started off on the right foot. Last year’s workshop went very well, but this one turned out even better. It was fun, productive, and educational for everyone involved. We divided the group into teams of 5-7 people and got things rolling with some of our warm-up games.

Last year’s participants had been a highly intelligent group overall, with most of them having at least a master’s degree in their field. Expecting a similarly talented group this year, we had prepared a few of our more cerebral activities to go along with the action oriented ones. We wanted to strike this sort of balance to help bring some of the more introverted interns out of their shell while keeping everyone intellectually engaged.

Bike-A-Thons are Easier When Chicago Youth Programs Headquarters Is Involved

Our strategy of starting off slowly paid more and more dividends as the workshop progressed. What started out as a shy and hesitant group had started to become syncopated unit by the time they were earning the parts they’d use to assemble the bikes. This was a great example of our facilitators’ collective ability to execute a great plan flawlessly. We’ve learned from experience that you can’t force square pegs into round holes and that every workshop has to cater to company’s specific needs.

It was very gratifying to watch this talented group grow together as they worked to assemble bikes for the Chicago Youth Programs Headquarters, the charity Blue Cross Blue Shield has chosen to help. And we’d like to think we helped set the tone for a fantastic summer for the interns and the community both.