Biogen’s National Meeting Includes Some Charity Team Building

Biogen is one of our repeat customers, so we were happy to see them again for their national meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah early this year.

Biogen's National Meeting Includes Some Charity Team Building

Team building as a break from continuous rounds of meetings.

Like many of our clients, Biogen needed a team building workshop that worked into a larger agenda and provided a break from meetings.  Since the group had been sitting through lots of meetings all day long, their workshop would be the ideal antidote since our activities are always hands-on and involve lots of moving about.

Rescue Buddies™ to the Rescue!

Between all-day meetings and dinner, Biogen scheduled our Rescue Buddies™ Charity Team Building Workshop.  Previously, they’d done our Wheelcharity™ charity workshop and even though this group was almost entirely new to us (only 2 participants had been with us before), it was a chance for them to try something different.

Donations with a personal touch.

Rescue Buddies™ is wonderful because groups get to put their own unique special touches on the donated items.  In this case the donations are stuffed animals that go out to first responders in the Salt Lake City area.

They use the toys to comfort children.  The animals are lovingly created by the workshop participants, and each one comes with a hand-created “birth certificate” (created during the workshop of course!).  People who’ve been through a Rescue Buddies™ workshop always say in the end they love the fact that they could put a personal touch on their donations with creativity and love.

The “getting to know you” concept.

Before the main activities of the workshop got underway, we revved up the old icebreaker machine…it’s one of our trademarks.  Icebreakers serve to collect everyone into the same headspace so the group can relax and focus on what’s important: team building and charity work.

For a group like this one from Biogen, where people might only see each other once a year, ice breakers also serve to help everyone get to know one another a little better, too.

This group from Biogen loved that part of the workshop so much they clamored for more!  They were lucky they had time to earn parts during the Salt Lake City Trivia game, and then assemble the stuffed animals and create those birth certificates.

Stuffed animals go to the Salt Lake City Ronald McDonald House

Usually donations from this workshop go to first responders but in Biogen’s case they went to the local Ronald McDonald House.  There, the animals served to comfort children too but of course these are children who have major illnesses or injuries.  Biogen was happy to donate to such a worthy cause that helped the community in Salt Lake City.