Biogen Benefits the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake City

What do you get when you take a national sales meeting and cross it with a team building workshop?  The perfect balance of work, charitable giving, and skills development!

BiogenBiogen scheduled our Rescue Buddies™ Charity Team Building workshop for their national sales meeting this past February.  We were happy to oblige and provide their group with some much-needed hands-on activities to bring them all together.

Charity work provided the perfect complement to a full day of meetings.

No matter how dedicated and motivated you are to your job, sitting all day in meetings can seriously lower your energy levels.  That’s why our workshops are the perfect way to break up those meetings.  All our workshops, not just the charity build events, get your team up and moving about, interacting and using their hands.

It’s also how teams get to know one another better and develop their communication skills.  By interacting and solving problems in all-new environments that encourage out-of-the-box thinking and creative problem solving, their teamwork abilities skyrocket.

Teambuilding, networking…it’s all in the bag.

An added bonus to an interactive workshop like Rescue Buddies™ is that groups who don’t necessarily know one another very well get to interact and network.

Building charitable donations together brings everyone down to the same level, no matter what their station at work.  They’re bonded by the idea of working together to do some good in the world, and it only strengthens their teamwork capabilities.

After all, great teamwork is built on great relationships and better communication!

Stuffed animals go to a great charity.

The Ronald McDonald House of Salt Lake City was first choice for Biogen’s receiving organization.  Of course it turned out to be a great choice- the Ronald McDonald House representative (Lauren) was extremely attentive and sweet.

The Ronald McDonald House is a national charitable organization that helps seriously ill or injured children and their families.  When they have to travel for medical care, the RMH provides temporary shelter near the hospital so families feel supported during their child’s illness.

Lauren even came in early to see some of the activities and the Biogen attendees actually putting the rescue buddies together.  Her video to the group brought tears to the attendees’ eyes.

Community connections and neighborhood bridges were certainly forged that day in February with Biogen, Magnovo, and the Ronald McDonald House.  Great job guys, and we hope to see you again next year for a third round of charity team building!