Beztak Masters Corporate Social Responsibility And Employee Engagement


Corporate social responsibility and employee engagement are at the heart of Beztak’s business model. That’s why they called Magnovo for leadership training.

Excellent. Ethical. Effective.

This is the essence of the Beztak corporate culture. With a 60-year track record  of designing, developing, and managing real estate, the name Beztak has come to mean “real estate innovation.”

Beztak’s team of designers and developers take the pulse of each community so that the properties they build stand in harmony with each neighborhood.

The company’s mission is “…to create and sustain long term value and excellence in product quality, and to enrich the lives of those served by providing talented associates who are passionate about their professional commitment.”

Clearly, the concepts of corporate social responsibility and employee engagement are built into this mission statement. Their commitment to the communities they create and their employees are people-driven and passion-focused. Their goals are not exclusively defined by the bottom line.

Engineering. Construction. Ownership. Operational oversight. Beztak provides turnkey service. Indeed, according to the website, “Beztak is one of the leading national, full-service real estate development, construction, investment, and third-party management companies.”

Corporate social responsibility and employee engagement mean kindness

As part of the annual meeting with their top property managers, they invited Magnovo to conduct leadership and professional development training. Naturally, our session included a strong underpinning of corporate social responsibility.  We traveled to Detroit and guided 350 Beztak managers through one of our most endearing charitable giving workshops, better known as Happy Tails.

Even the most avid pet lovers sometimes find the costs prohibitive. Happy Tails donations of leashes, blankets, chew toys, food, and water bowls, and the like help cash-strapped families take the plunge into pet-parenting.  

Over the course of the afternoon, the Beztak crew assembled 175 boxes of items for prospective dogs owners in the Detroit area. The local Detroit Humane Society and the Detroit PIT Crew were entrusted to distribute the goodies to some local dog lovers eager to give a pooch a forever home!

Corporate social responsibility and employee engagement matter

Reps from both charities were overwhelmed by Beztak’s generosity! Through tearful smiles, they thanked the workshop participants for helping them continue their mission to find loving homes for abandoned and abused animals. And the Beztak execs were overwhelmed when they realized what a huge impact their gifts would make in the Motor City.

This was Magnovo’s second training session with Beztak. We look forward to the next one!