The Best Team Building Idea for Williams Keepers

Sometimes 2 is better than 1. Combining our Team Fusion training and Bike-a-Thon Workshop was the best team building idea for Williams Keepers.

Counting on Williams Keepers

Williams Keepers is a certified public accounting firm based in Missouri, The Show Me State.

They honor the spirit of the state’s nickname by showing clients how to navigate through the complex world of corporate finances. Williams Keepers is an industry leader in auditing, accounting, tax services, loan reviews, and policy and management tool assessments.

They also provide litigation support, employee benefits consulting, business valuations, and estate planning.

Their clients include agribusinesses, not-for-profit organizations, construction companies, real estate developers, financial institutions, hospitals, healthcare corporations, and insurance firms.

Their creed is: We are dedicated to “being there” for our clients and each other and we do everything within our capacity to make their lives and businesses more successful. It takes a strong team to live up to such a commitment.

A strategic team building idea

Magnovo’s Team Fusion training is an intensive team building session in a dynamic classroom setting. It was customized to suit the personality types of the Williams Keepers staff and the company’s specific goals.

We met in Missouri at an old barn, the location of which was “2 hours east of St. Louis and 2 hours west of Kansas City”—talk about remote! How’s that for a GPS nightmare?

The 45 Williams Keepers staffers included a mix of Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers. How’s that for a team building challenge?

Actually, it was fantastic because the training was tailored for this group. We achieved a merging of minds and a melding of problem-solving styles. Our facilitators helped lay a foundation upon which to reshape their corporate culture. We also helped create a platform for honest feedback and conflict management.

A team building idea with practical application

After the classroom session came the practicum. So we headed out into the blistering, sweltering heat to undertake phase 2: the Bike-a-Thon, Bikes for Kids Charity Workshop.

Our 45 participants divided into teams and used the communication and collaborative skills we taught them to assemble 8 bikes for low-income kids in their community.

We donated the bikes to the Capital City Boys and Girls Club in Jefferson City. The charity representative received them with smiles, cheers, and a few tears. Everyone felt fantastic about what they’d accomplished.

A winning combination

According to our facilitator, “One session within itself is great, but the combination was incredibly impactful. They got so much of the meaning behind the Team Fusion how to overcome conflict. That’s the theoretical part. The Bike-a-Thon put everything into practice.

“The personality training and understanding leadership during the Team Fusion and then backing up with the team building workshop—that’s where the real magic happened.”

Feedback on a great team building idea

We do what we do because we believe in it, but comments like these are music to our ears.


  • I thought the facilitator did a good job in keeping the group engaged. I really liked the team building activities in the afternoon. Very fun and taught us to work as a group.


  • The most valuable part of this workshop was the discussion about the different personalities and how to approach each one differently.
  • The facilitator was engaging and interesting. I like that he made a point to say most people are a combination of personality types.