The Benefit of Charitable Teamwork at Abbott

The most powerful benefit of charitable teamwork is better corporate citizenship. To Abbott, a major healthcare company, caring about others is the foundation of their business model. And our Bike-a-Thon Charitable Workshop is a model of corporate social responsibility.

In 1888 a young pharmacist became an ambitious medical pioneer.  His name was Dr. Wallace C. Abbott and the company he started in Chicago 125 years ago is now an international healthcare giant.

Abbott Laboratories has 99k employees in 150 countries. Its global brand includes diagnostic, nutritional, cardiovascular,  and pharmaceutical treatments, devices, and medications.

Abbott’s research-and-development innovations run the gamut from flu to irritable bowel syndrome. And a lot of their nutritional products are household names: Pedialyte, Similac, Ensure,  and Glucerna.

The professional benefit of charitable teamwork

Magnovo has worked with Abbott a number of times in the past and we were thrilled to return. This time around we met 32 Abbott employees at their Plymouth Minnesota offices.

We tailored our Bike-a-Thon, Bikes for Kids Charity Workshop to accomplish Abbott’s teambuilding goals. At the top of the list: showcase the rewards of working and thinking as a team.

To reap those rewards, the group divided into teams. And using the leadership, communications, personality training, and collaborative skills we taught, they assembled 6 bikes.

While workshops like this are always fun, they’re also challenging. Colleagues who may not know each other must learn to work together and finish a project on deadline. Often our personality type training helps them understand the behavior of their teammates.

The personal benefit of charitable teamwork

Understanding how people think is a doorway to successful teamwork. And, of course, self-awareness—that is, recognizing your own quirks—inspires patience with others.

One benefit of charitable teamwork is that it redirects everyone’s focus.  Self-consciousness is virtually impossible when you’re focussed on the needs of the poor and you genuinely want to help.

Our 6 bikes were built for a charity whose sole mission is helping families gain financial stability and maximize their ability to live independently and with dignity.

The legacy of charitable kindness

The Community Energy Assistance Program, CEAP, opened in 1971 to provide advocacy and assistance to the poor, the aged, and the disabled.

CEAP offers legal services, social services, and utility funding. It also operates a thrift store and provides meals-on-wheels. Their devoted staff runs a food pantry for homeless youth that even includes can openers and clean socks! It is our hope that our 6 bikes will blaze a trail of success for their new owners.

Abbott to Magnovo: mission accomplished

These are the comments that fuel our passion:

  • The workshop had a great focus on leadership skills. And not just leadership…also the importance of following, learning, listening, and accepting all team members and their ideas and embracing differences to bring groups together to be successful.
  • This activity really speaks to our overall corporate mission of giving back to our communities.
  • We will absolutely be using Magnovo’s services again. We are already inquiring about other opportunities.