Become a Leader Who Models Service

Become a Leader Who Models Service

Leaders don’t wait to be served, they serve. If you want to become a leader who is admired and trusted, then make service the most important action item on your list.

Become a Leader Who Models Service

If you do, we have some great news for you: there is no better opportunity to model service than by participating in a charitable team building workshop.

Thousands of men and women sign up to make the ultimate sacrifice by serving our country overseas. During our Mission: Military Care Workshop, you and your colleagues can say “thank you,” by collecting, packaging, and donating boxes full of love for these homesick heroes.

A book or magazine; stationery and pens; even toothpaste and toothbrushes–they’ll all be deeply appreciated. You might be amazed at how much something as small as a bag of cookies and a box of candy mean to a son, daughter, father, or mother to whom hearth and home seem light years away.

Become a leader who doesn’t mind getting his hands a little grubby while building a wheelchair for a handicapped member of your community. During our Wheelcharity Wheelchair Team Building Workshop, you’ll actually assemble and decorate a wheelchair that will give its recipient the chance to enjoy the mobility and freedom many of us take for granted.

Try your hand at building a cuddly stuffed bear for an equally cuddly toddler at one of our Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshops. Or just as the school year ends, you and your team can make it feel like Christmas in June by building and donating a bike to a local student during a Bike-a-Thon Bicycle Team Building Workshop.

The child will be thrilled by his new wheels; the parents will be relieved to have their youngster enjoy a luxury the family cannot afford. But the payoff for you and your company will be even greater. The rewards you receive in the form of community goodwill; partnering with social service organizations and first responders in your city; and personal satisfaction will far exceed the benefits to your grateful recipients.

While your energy and attention are focused on the tasks at hand as you’re showcasing your communication and organizational skills, something else will be on display for all to see as well: your humanity.

There’s no better time to wear your heart on your sleeve than in service to others. You and your team will be transformed by making kindness and charity part of your business model. And that’s a recipe for unparalleled growth. Your company’s coffers will explode.

If you want your team to follow you enthusiastically, then become a leader who models humility through service.  Authentic leaders–the ones workers like to follow- don’t feel the need to strut or vaunt their authority all the time. They’ve got it, but they don’t flaunt it.  For them, being seen as humble isn’t a risk. They recognize that humility is a virtue. They are comfortable putting others first, because they realize that generosity of spirit always leads to success.