Atlanta-Area Kids Get New Bikes Through JLL’s Team Building Bike-a-Thon

When JLL wanted to host a team building event to kick off a joint project that included representatives of another company, it chose Magnovo’s Bike-a-Thon. In addition to honing employees’ key interpersonal skills, the workshop benefits local children by providing them with new bicycles.

JLL Puts Creativity to the Test

When we met with a group of about 45 people in Atlanta, we had no idea just how dynamic and innovative the afternoon would become. The folks from JLL were working with a few Google team members, and the Bike-a-Thon was a way to build interpersonal relationships that would be transferable back to these employees’ original joint project.

JLL invited us to hold the  Bike-a-Thon on-site, which worked out very well. The company had meeting room space available, and this made it easy for employees to participate because they were already there. We’d planned to spend about 3 hours together, but nearly everyone said it felt like far less!

Bike-a-Thon Basics

Once the event coordinator from JLL explained the company’s goals, we set to work tailoring the event to their needs. In a Bike-a-Thon, groups divide into teams and then compete for the bicycle parts needed for assembly. To up the fun factor, we throw a few obstacles and games into the mix. Behind the scenes, we’ve tailored these games to teach new ways of mastering teamwork and problem-solving, especially in groups where personality differences might otherwise slow things down. Participants complete the workshop having learned practical tips and strategies for success.

This event had a good mix of people who were highly creative and came up with some very outside-the-box solutions to every challenge we gave them. It was amazing to see participants really unify as teams as the afternoon progressed.

Making a Difference for Atlanta-Area Children

The Bike-a-Thon ended with a brief appearance by Amanda White of Children’s Charities, Inc. who arrived to accept the donations of the bicycles. She explained that Children’s Charities, Inc. is a regional nonprofit that supports children’s programs and activities across 6 counties. She was very impressed by how many were completed within the 2.5-hour workshop. Judging by the smiling faces of everyone in the room, it was easy to see that the JLL and Google folks were equally impressed.

This was a group that started the afternoon as employees assigned to the same project and ended as a team that demonstrated how well they could work together.