Alcon Returns to Build Teamwork and Rescue Buddies for Local Children

Alcon came back to us hoping we could help their inside sales team get in prime shape for a new product launch. We certainly could, and the Alcon team paid it forward with Rescue Buddies™ for local children.

alconA New Group Comes Together

Alcon is a sub-division of Novartis that’s dedicated to contact lenses. Even though it’s a big company, we wanted to give them a personal touch. We were also super excited to work with the folks at Alcon again, since the last charity team building event we did with them, bike building, went so well! We met with the inside sales team for a new charity team building program at the stylish Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center.

This was an intensely energetic group, with lots of active, competing personalities. Once we got started with a few reliable ice breaker games, though, the vibe shifted a bit. The group had a lot of new people on the team, and this is the first chance they had to actually work together as a team. And they did!

United Behind Shared Goals

The folks from Alcon really met the challenges we threw at them, and they were ready to take it to the next level. Our team building games split participants into several small groups where people work together in pursuit of a goal and then return to the larger group to share.

This time, we played a fun game we call simply TV Commercials. Each team worked together to focus on the goals we set before them while driving each other to succeed. This had the effect of strengthening interpersonal relationships in a way that’s likely to endure long past our charity team building day, and developing folks’ ability to zero in on goals quickly. Seeing a newly formed group grow into a united team was pretty amazing.

Teamwork for Teddy Bears

We ended our day on a high note by completing dozens of Rescue Buddies™ teddy bears for local kids in need. The Grapevine, TX police department offers these teddy bears, stuffed with great care by our program participants, to children in emergency situations.

While working with their hands wasn’t part of the typical workday for our Alcon team, they rose to the occasion and worked together. These inside sales reps stuffed more teddy bears than we hoped to complete that day! We invited Nancy Luna, a representative of the Grapevine Police Department, to our program’s closing, and the group proudly presented her with the Rescue Buddies™.

Alcon’s inside sales reps arrived for the day as a department and left as a strong and focused team ready for a new product rollout, and we were thrilled to be a part of it.