Air national guard

The Air National Guard Goes the Extra Mile to Help Their Fellow Soldiers in Battle Creek, MI

This workshop, a WheelCharity event we staged for the Air National Guard in Battle Creek, MI, was an intense and fulfilling experience for everyone involved. This included the participants, the facilitators, and the representatives from the charitable organization that benefited from everyone’s hard work.

Air national guardIt was very gratifying to hear so many positive comments from the National Guard Team afterward, especially when they said they learned a thing or two about teamwork from us! As for the facilitators, we got to see the unity, devotion, and hard work of military personnel in action. But we also witnessed a much more human side to these brave men and women as well, when we saw the respect and attention they gave to the wounded veteran who represented The Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter 110.

The Wheelchairs Went to The Military Order of The Purple Heart Chapter 110

There were 30 people from the Air National Guard in attendance. They participated in the workshop to hone their communication and teamwork skills by working toward something bigger than their individual selves. That’ why they decided on a WheelCharity event, which is a workshop where teams compete against one another to gather parts and assemble functioning wheelchairs to donate to a worthy cause.

The worthy cause was The Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter 110 in Battle Creek. This organization has chapters all over the country, each of which is dedicated to giving support to wounded veterans and their families. We could see the obvious passion that the National Guard team put into the workshop and that they felt a very special connection to this organization and the clients they serve.

Not only was their passion obvious, it was also infectious. We truly enjoyed watching the Guardspeople come closer together and we were truly honored to be part of the proceedings.

A Success on Every Front

We would have liked to spend more time with these incredible men and women, but the workshop lasted for just under two hours. But although it was a short workshop, we did manage to get quite a bit accomplished. The Guard teams came in ready to work, with everyone putting their egos aside to get an important job done. Overall, this was a fantastic workshop and a great learning experience.