Accent Indy

Accent Indy’s Wagon Builders Deliver for Indianapolis, IN

A destination management services company knew exactly where it wanted to go with a charity team building program held in Indianapolis, benefiting a local organization that helps families of people with autism.

Accent IndyAccent Indy Had a Plan

Accent Indy had a good framework in mind for what they wanted to accomplish at their international field conference. The idea of ‘cross pollination’ was critical to our plans for the day. They wanted their teams to practice sharing resources and working together. They also wanted their work to benefit a local charity.

Company organizers strategically organized teams ahead of time, so that way we could jump right into activities on the day of the event. Our tried-and-true Wagon Builders™ program was perfect – it met all of their goals, and we couldn’t have been happier to work with a local company and a local charity.

A Big Group Breaks the Ice

Roughly 240 people joined us at the Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel at Keystone Crossing. It was a highly energetic group that included a lot of folks who clearly had strong leadership skills. Everyone enjoyed an ice breaker of “Say What I Say”, which had teams saying one thing and doing the opposite. Because only some folks on each team already knew each other, it was a good chance for everyone to get more comfortable with each other.

Progress Through Play

As games continued, teams were actually winning the parts necessary to move on to the charity part of our event. In our Wagon Builders™ program, folks have to collect all of the wagon parts before they can put them together. It adds an extra layer of fun (and practice!) to the event. Participants worked well, using each other’s strengths and creativity to build an impressive 37 wagons for Damar Services, Inc.

Indianapolis’ Damar Services Receives Much-Needed Support

Accent Indy teams filled the wagons with all kinds of goods to benefit the families that Damar Services, Inc, assists. Children and adults with behavioral and developmental disabilities and their families are the primary recipients of Damar Services’ programs and outreach.

For many in the Accent Indy group, this area of need hit close to home. As such, many of the participants were visibly moved when Donna Stutler arrived from the agency to receive the donated wagons.

It was suddenly very clear how much the Accent Indy team had come together and how hard they worked. Based on the bountiful wagons that were completed, the day’s efforts at ‘cross pollination’ were a success. Teams worked effectively and collaboratively while sharing resources.

It was a day they will never forget. And the opportunity to work with a hometown company and a hometown charity means we’ll never forget it either.