Accent Indy Was as Goal-Oriented as We Are

There were smiles on every face by the time we finished the workshop we did for Accent Indy in January this year. Their team made a lot of progress on their communication skills and also performed a great community service for Damar Services.

Accent IndyOverall, there were 240 Accent Indy team members at our event. We divided them up beforehand into 37 teams, each with a goal of building a wagon and donating it, by way of Damar Services, to families who are coping with autism in their homes.

Accent Indy Was as Goal-Oriented as We Are

No matter what workshop we design, we’re always very goal-oriented. We’ve found that this is the only way to deliver what our clients. Without explicit goals in mind for a team building workshop, the activities lack focus and accomplish much less they should.

That’s why we were thrilled that the Accent Indy managers knew exactly what they wanted out of their workshop. They wanted a lively workshop that would help their staff refine their communication skills, see one another in a new light, and come together into a truly unified. And perhaps most important of all, they wanted to get those wagons to the children who needed them!

Fun With a Purpose

The teams were divided in a way that got people working together who’d never met in person. Then our facilitators guided them through a session of the game “Say What I Say,” an activity designed to build attentiveness in an active, distracting setting. It’s also a great deal of zany fun, as well as a great way to loosen people up and harness their energy.

From there, we transitioned into the wagon building phase of the workshop. Once we got them primed, the Accent Indy people really got their competitive juices flowing and engaged in the business of building wagons. And although the competition was fun and good-natured, the teams were all determined to maximize their teamwork and finish their wagons first.

This is exactly what the Accent Indy management asked us to do, and it was really helpful knowing what they wanted coming in. The selection of the activities was very strategic on our part. We wanted the teams to practice on fine-grained communication and teamwork without being preoccupied on this or that outcome.

The strategy certainly seemed to work. We heard nothing but happy and glowing comments after the workshop and it was evident the Accent Indy team would take what they learned back to the office.