AbbVie Builds Little Red Wagons for Local Families in Need

Even when you’re as big a company as AbbVie, there’s still room to focus on local issues right in your own backyard.  We’ve had the pleasure of supporting AbbVie in the past, with their corporate social responsibility programs that help out the community of North Chicago, where they’re based.


This winter they sent a group of employees from their quality assurance program, to build little red wagons in our Wagon Builders™ charity team building workshop. It may be cold outside in Chicago during winter, but the giving spirit sure did warm everyone’s hearts during this workshop.

  1. Everyone always loves building little red wagons.

    This charity workshop is all about building little red wagons and donating them with messages of hope and cheer to families who need a little extra.

    Groups always enjoy putting the wagons together – we’re not sure if it’s because it ties them to some distant childhood memory or simply because they’re doing something good for the community.

    But whatever drives everyone to pull together and build wagons, it’s a great motivator!  That’s why we always place a little challenge before the teams.  It’s our way of instilling some positive change in your team, too!

  2. Questions lead up to the wagon build.

    So, we like to work a little teamwork challenge into every charity workshop we run.  That means we don’t just offer up wagon parts and tell teams to go at it with their tools.  They must earn their parts by answering questions which are tailored for their group and their particular workshop event.

    The answers to the team questions can be discovered using teamwork.  Isn’t it nice to know you’re building a stronger team while you’re giving back?

  3. Another great charity workshop with AbbVie- see you next time!

    AbbVie arranged their own charity connection for this workshop, which is an option for everyone who books with us.  Choose our own charity or we’ll make suggestions… either way you can rely on us to arrange everything.

    That means we’ll handle all the details of getting donation parts delivered to the workshop location, as well as making sure the completed donations get to the receiving charity.

    Sometimes we’ll arrange for that charity to send a representative to the workshop, for a final ceremony of donations the everyone always loves.  In fact, most say it’s their favorite part of our charity workshops- they get to meet the people in the community whose lives they’ll impact with their workshop donations.

    Thanks for another great workshop, AbbVie- we hope to see you again!

    And if you’d like to build community connections like AbbVie did, just give us a call.  We’ll match you with the right charity workshop and the right charitable organization for some positive change in our community, too!