A Scottsdale AZ, Bike-A-Thon™ Gets Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions Off to a Great Start in 2018

A medical device reprocessing and remanufacturing company hosted a charity team building workshop to benefit local kids.

Wrapping Up a Big Kickoff to 2018 in Scottsdale, AZ

Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions’ sales group was wrapping up three days of meetings. The meeting leaders focused on celebrating a fantastic 2017 and setting goals for repeat success in 2018. This Bike-a-Thonclosed out their time together. More than fun and games, the event was intended to help a local charity that worked with children provide those kids with new bicycles.

The 150 participants arranged themselves into 22 teams by region. These teams worked and played hard through every mini-game we challenged them to. The company took this event to the next level by having food tables, open bars, and a DJ playing upbeat background music throughout the program. This kept the mood light and fun, which can sometimes be hard to do after three days of togetherness!

A Snapshot of a Bike-A-Thon™

All of our participants were dozens and dozens of high­ performing sales professionals, so the competitive feel of the room was strong. That said, teams were clearly committed to working together in beating every challenge and obstacle we gave them. Specially designed games were how teams earned the parts they needed to assemble the bicycles.

No team ever forgot it was the kids they were working so hard for. And while every team wanted to “win”, this group was surprisingly supportive of each other. Teams cheered and shouted, clapped and high-fived each other throughout the competition and build phases of the Bike-A-Thon.

Family Promise of Greater Phoenix is the Real Winner

Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions’ teams produced 30 finished bicycles for the kids! Lisa Randall, a representative of Family Promise of Greater Phoenix, was shocked, and very pleased. We invited her to come and meet the teams, and everyone was happy to learn more about Family Promise. Ms. Randall made a few remarks to the group. She shared a few stories about the homeless kids and families that Family Promise served. When she talked about how happy these children would be to get their very own new bicycles, everyone teared up a bit.

We wrapped up with a short debriefing session. Participants were vocal about how positive the experience was. Many said they picked up new strategies for more effective and productive teamwork. Folks were unanimous in how glad they were to give back to area kids in need. It added a layer of meaning and purpose they appreciated.