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100 Degree Heat Doesn’t Stop Lunatic Salons From Building Success

At their annual get-together in Salt Lake City, Utah, employees at Lunatic Salons braved the heat to do great things. Since our charity workshops are highly customizable to cater to each client’s individual needs, we often stage workshops where much of the focus is on teamwork.

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That was the case for Lunatic Salons’ workshop with us. They wanted to focus on “Culture and Team”, so that was our mission!

A Young Diverse Demographic Makes for Great Teamwork

This group was younger than many of the workshop participants we see. Ranging from about 18 to 24 years of age, this group proved to be incredibly clever at handling all the teamwork challenges we threw their way. Maybe it was their youth, or maybe it’s the creative profession they’re in.

Another possible reason for their great attitude and extraordinary teamwork skills might have been the diversity of the group. When you have a mix of personality styles and a healthy respect for diversity in your group, and that’s combined with a great attitude and lots of positive energy for the company culture, teamwork is in the bag!

Goal: Get to Know Colleagues at Other Locations

Another goal of the Lunatic Salons group was to foster communication and cooperation between employees who work at different locations. Although they all came together this hot summer day, many of them simply didn’t know many of the others very well.

Their leader wanted to change all that, so there was an emphasis not only on teamwork but on fostering a positive atmosphere and a culture of sharing and trust. Again: score!

How They Accomplished All Those Goals

How did they accomplish so many goals in one short workshop? We really worked the group hard, that’s how! After several great ice breakers, we built up to even more collaborative activities like Commercials and Build a Paper Tower.

Then, there was a helpful conclusion that served as a debriefing. That helps workshop participants take all those team building lessons they’ve learned with us, and figure out how they’ll make them work for them back at work. It’s basically a way to translate the lessons to the real world.

It’s also what sets our workshops apart from the workshops offered by many other companies. We don’t just offer 2.5 hours of fun and games. We send your group home with takeaways that form the building blocks for continuing positive change back at work.