Group Dynamics and Team Building Should be Stress-Free

Abbvie in Chicago Completes their Military Mission With a Few Surprises

Here’s one team building event in Chicago that turned out even better than expected…due to a few curve balls!

It’s great when you can turn a negative into a positive with the right attitude and a sense of humor.
Abbvie in Chicago Completes their Military Mission With a Few Surprises

Mission: Military Care™ for Abbvie

In the Mission: Military Care ™ team building workshop, teams work together to assemble care packages for overseas service men and women.  That means the Charity Team Building Events facilitator has a lot of supplies to work with and prepare.

Abbvie’s event took place at the pharmaceutical company’s headquarters in Chicago, IL.  The assigned room was really not ideal: there wasn’t enough space to spread out the supplies for the care pack, and the tables were set up in “classroom style” formation (not conducive to the hands-on activities we do in our workshops!).

But in a perfect example of possessing the right can-do attitude and engaging the entire group to work through an obstacle together, they all made it work.

Efficiency was one of the workshop themes.

Turns out, the tiny room actually triggered a great tie-in with the theme of the workshop.  Since the instructor couldn’t arrange the supplies properly due to lack of space, it was a physical demonstration of how inefficiency caused a drop in productivity.  The instructor pointed to how she had set things up and asked the Abbvie participants if it was effective…she got lots of no’s!

It all worked out because they were talking about efficiency and effective systems.

In fact, dealing with unexpected obstacles, working with limited resources, and collaborating to find success is how you could define teamwork…and the Abbvie group saw it all.

Interdepartmental participants get to know one another.

Many of the participants didn’t know one another, since they don’t get many opportunities to interact across departments at Abbvie.  Therefore, they enjoyed and appreciated the interactive style of the workshop, as it gave them a chance to get to know each other.

It also gave them a chance to practice communication skills.  Finally, it also brought to light that every person in every department is important and necessary …much like a military mission!

A local star is born in Chicago…

One activity involved signing a TV theme song to a neighboring team.  Some participants really went full-blown celebrity on this and did solos.  One woman in particular did so well, her team  encouraged her to repeat her solo to the whole group.  The room went wild with applause and cheers!

Although not every Charity Team Building Events workshop ends with wild cheers from the crowd, we do love it when that happens.  Congratulations Abbvie, on a great job well done, and for the good work you did for our military service men and women.